curriculum vitae


My resumé

Name: Wouter Daniël von Asmuth

Adres: Tasmanstraat 149, Den Haag, The Netherlands

Zip code: 2518VM Den Haag, The Netherlands

Phone number: +31639623164


Date of birth: 30 August 1994

Place of birth: Den Haag, The Netherlands

Nationality: Dutch


Short background

I’ve lived in Den Haag my entire life, except for a three-month trip when I finished high school where I travelled across Asia and Australia. But now I want to learn new cultures and new cooking techniques and I feel like the best way to do this is to work abroad. That’s why I’ve decided to move to London in September.

I started primary school at the Vrije School Den Haag at 5 years old and stayed at this school until 2 July 2012, when I got my diploma in higher general secondary education (HAVO in Dutch).

I then travelled for three months to Germany, Poland, Russia, China, Mongolia, Vietnam and Australia. I then returned home to Den Haag.

Here I had lots of free time, so I got laser eye surgery, started driving lessons and got a job at a beach club in Den Haag. This turned out to be a full-time job, so I had to cancel my remaining driving lessons and focus on the job, as a cook in a simple restaurant. Also, I planned to join the Royal Dutch Navy Marine Corps, and started exercising.

In September 2013, the beach season was over, and the first try-outs for the Marine Corps weren’t until June, so I started working three days a week at a butcher shop, while one day a week going to college, learning to be a chef at the ROC Midden-Nederland, being taught by an in Utrecht renowned chef, Herman Bunschoten.

I got my diploma for Chef level 2 at the ROC Midden-Nederland at 30 June 2015. Unfortunately, being busy with college and working at the butcher shop caused my plans to become a marine to crash, but I wasn’t really upset, since I started working at Solbeach, a beach club on the boulevard of Scheveningen, and I started to really enjoy cooking.

On 4 April 2016, I joined the staff of De Eeuwige Jachtvelden, a restaurant of a bit higher level, and I’ve been working there ever since. It’s a great atmosphere and I’m going to miss this place. I fell in love with cooking here.

Also, as of 17 September 2016 I started studying at the ROC Midden-Nederland again for Zelfstandig Werkend Kok Niveau 3 by Herman Bunschoten. This is the next level to Chef level 2 and teaches you everything you need to know to work in a high-level kitchen. I believe it is like an Advanced Technical Diploma in Professional Cookery (level 3). I just had my final exam on 27 June because while the study usually takes three years, I finished in only 1 year, thanks to a great teacher.

As of September 2017, I moved to London to work as a chef de partie at Social Eating House, a one-michelin-starred restaurant in the city centre. However due to personal reasons, I quit after two weeks. I could manage the level, but I just didn’t feel like it was worth the trouble. So I started at Sketch, a two-michelin-starred restaurant in London, as a commis chef. This didn’t work out as planned either, as I felt useless in the kitchen of 32 staff, where I wasn’t really cooking or learning anything.

So I moved back to Den Haag after long consideration, wanting to work as a ZZP-kok, to learn as many different styles and kitchens as I can.





Type: restaurant

From: March 2015- July 2015

Job: chef

Hours: 25-60 depending on the weather

Here I opened the kitchen at 9 in the morning, did some mise en place, ran the cold side at lunch, ran the barbeque side in the evening and closed at 10 in the evening. Nothing fancy, but I had to work fast as we had 900 seating places, which were all filled in the summer.


Biologische Slagerij Chris Dammers

Type: butcher shop

From: October 2013- March 2015, July 2015- April 2016

Job: butcher’s assistant

Hours: 32

Here I was selling organic meat at the markets in The Hague, Dordrecht and Amsterdam. I was taught the basics about meat, deboning, filleting, carving etc. I worked a lot with the machine slicer, grounder and sausage maker. I also had to interact a lot with the customer, which was nice. The hours were good, and if the butcher was gone I kind of ran the shop.


Café-Restaurant De Eeuwige Jachtvelden

Type: restaurant

From: 4 April 2016- 31 September 2017

Job: Zelfstandig Werkend Kok (ZWK for short)

Hours: 38

Here I was doing all the work expected of a ZWK, opening, doing lots of mise en place, ordering, cleaning, etc. Every day I was either running the cold or the warm side by myself. I worked neat and organised, fast and thorough, while keeping the hygiene up to the standards. I also made a list for ordering, and when the chef and sous-chef weren’t there I did the ordering myself. I got along with everyone, but I didn’t extend my contract (I was offered another year). I wanted to cook at a higher level and I felt I could learn more elsewhere. The level wasn’t low, but I managed to keep up with an almost Michelin-star-level at school, so I should be able to at work. I have got a recommendation from my head-chef Robin Kranenburg for my work there.


Social Eating House

Type: restaurant

From: 21 September 2017- 5 October 2017

Job: Chef de Partie, meat section

Hours: 65-70

Here I was in charge of the meat section of this Michelin starred restaurant. This included cooking, grilling in the Josper Grill, roasting, frying and preparing all kinds of meat. Also I was in charge of all the meat sauces, from béarnaise to jus de veau to chicken velouté to beef peppercorn sauce. Also I was in charge of cleaning my station and helping others in cleaning theirs, doing ordering, and I was announcer as well, so I was telling people how much time they had until their part of the dish had to be at the chef’s table, who did the plate prepping. When I was off my job was always done by the sous-chef as it was the most stressful in the kitchen except for the head-chef. I quit after two weeks because I didn’t like the work environment, although it was a great learning experience.



Type: restaurant

From: 16 October 2017- 30 October 2017

Job: Commis chef, Larder section

Hours: 50

Here I followed the instruction of the Chef de partie at the larder section, This Basically meant I was preparing vegetables, fruits, meats and fish and prepping the plates. We were working with a team of four, which meant, since I was the last to join, I was doing all the boring jobs like vacuuming stuff, and slicing a block of 25kg butter into little blocks or cleaning mushrooms. I didn’t feel very useful, and even the people who were one step above me weren’t doing much, and I really wanted to learn as much as I could, so I quit. This was not what I trained for. It felt more like factory work.



Sodurado (self-defence) red belt at the sodurado school of Melchior Groeneveld- June 2011

HAVO NG-NT high school diploma at De Vrije School Den Haag- July 2012

Chef level 2 at ROCMN at the hand of Herman Bunschoten -September 2015

Zelfstandig Werkend Kok level 3 at ROCMN at the hand of Herman Bunschoten- September 2017



  • Doing a lot of sports, such as, kick-boxing, krav maga, hiking, swimming, deep sea diving, kayaking, jogging, rugby, softball, and skiing in my off time and holidays.
  • Worked as a cashier at a hardware store called “GAMMA”.
  • Worked as a volunteer helping children make art at the “Haags Kinderatelier”.
  • Remodelled the study room of my parents’ house in order to pay for a three month trip abroad.
  • Painted the living room at my uncle’s house.
  • Helped with building interior for my patents’ general practitioner’s practise
  • Did the catering for the wedding of my parents’ best friends. There were around one-hundred people and I made a three course menu:

Starter of smoked bell pepper soup (the bride liked to make this herself).

Main dish was Steamed salmon with mashed potatoes, braised fennel and beurre blanc.

Dessert was traditional  Dutch braised pears with pear syrup, almond-crumble, hazelnut-mousse and cinnamon ice cream sorbet.

It went very well and the bride was very pleased.

  • Created the recipe for the entry of De Eeuwige Jachtvelden at the Big Green Egg Fair 2017

We served grilled and braised pork cheeks with fennel-foil-cream sauce wrapped in puff pastry.




Teacher at ROCMN- Herman Bunschoten, +31641875099

Head chef at Solbeach- Sander Beekink, +31654630506

Butcher at Biologische Slagerij Chris Dammers- Chris Dammers, +31623624602

Head chef at De Eeuwige Jachtvelden- Robin Kranenburg, +31613036116

Silvia Lombardi, HR manager at Social eating house, +442078703734

Natasha Hall, HR & recruitment coordinator, +442076594535